You have the product we have the right solutions for you. Combining the industry's top technology mixed with our interactive advertising experience. We shall ensure not only the highest possible ROI but also the widest reach for your campaigns. Our dedicated account managers & operations team will help you form a powerful and effective strategic plan.
Adtycoons will not only provide solutions for existing digital media advertisers but also helps in building their brands that are new to this space. We surprise majority of the other players in the market exposing their reach in numbers but we do believe in reality and would like our advertiser to judge our performance and reach.
What we do?
  • Performance driven optimization.

  • Innovations & Branding

  • Will drive unique audience based on data.

  • We propose plans and you choose the best suitable plan for your business.

  • Expertise in optimizing CPV, eCpl ,CPL and many more.

  • Transparent data sharing with clients in terms of daily Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, Domains, Verticals, etc.,

  • Dedicated Account management team to optimize @24/7 and assist you at any time.

  • We provide detailed campaign analysis repot and inputs at the end of each campaign.

Performance Based Campaigns
We judge our results by one thing: Performance. Every campaign is optimized to generate the highest ROI possible. The numbers don't lie.
The Right Price and Pricing Model
We analyze a variety of pricing models, from CPA to dCPM, to see what will work best for your campaign. Our media buying team is cost effective in purchasing premium traffic at a profitable price.
Pinpointing Quality Traffic
Our campaign managers test traffic from a variety of sources to see exactly where traffic converts best. After we find your target audience we focus our media on them, generating you many new costumers.
Every campaign manager is trained to meticulously look at campaign data and analyze dozens of parameters. We strongly believe a campaign can never be optimized enough, and neither can your ROI.
Dedicated Account Management
Every Adtycoon partner has a dedicated account manager that works closely one-on-one with you to analyze results, discuss promising opportunities, and answer any questions you may have about your campaign. We're all about a close and strong partnership.
Advertisers At A Glance
Models: CPA, CPL, CPM, dCPM, CPC

Goals: Performance, Branding, ROI

Platforms: Online, Mobile

Reach: 40 billion monthly impressions worldwide

Media: Display, Video, Rich media

Targeting: Behavioral, Channel, Contextual, Geographic

Specialty: Personal partnerships

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