Advertiser Optimization

Optimization plays a major role at advertiser end since it's not only the number game but also the value we are adding to the advertiser’s business.

Steps that we follow in Advertiser Optimization life cycle:

  • Advertiser optimization starts from planning. We believe for every advertiser first step in success is planning the right model of advertising.

    Our Experienced Planning team will give you the right plan as per your targeting criteria and the type of audience you are expecting.

    It's always easier to simply propose a CPL, CPC or CPM plan to any of the advertiser but it doesn't make sense to propose a CPM plan for an advertiser who has enough branding in the industry, so for any advertisers success we believe planning is the key.

  • To understand the advertisers goals and work towards the benchmarks set by the advertiser along with the ROI.

    We believe in the ROI for the advertiser rather than meeting the mid-level benchmarks like CTR, frequency, position etc.,

  • Do you want to track the audience behavior across your portal! If yes then we will give you the solution with complete transparent user behavioral data.

    It's always key for any advertiser to analyze the audience behavior to identify the areas of improvements based on the audience dropouts and also helps the advertiser to build competitive application stuff.

  • We do track all the actions irrespective of the deal type and work towards advertisers goal.

    It's always essential to understand the advertiser expectation rather than delivery and we simply optimize based on what the advertiser is expecting out of his budgets.

    For example any CPL campaign is not just all about the leads what we are driving to the advertiser but it’s all about what kind of leads we are driving and what kind of ROI advertiser is getting.

  • Our huge audience segments will give us the flexibility to target the right audience.

    Our expertise in segmentation and audience data re-targeting will help the advertisers to reach the right audience at right time.

    At this level of optimization our creative team plays a major role in bringing the dynamic creative to catch the user attention all the time.

  • Reports and Analysis are the key factors for any advertiser's success in digital industry.

    Our Account Management team will work 24/7 on reporting and analysis which helps the advertiser to increase the ROI.